АНКЕТА ПО Прилагане на механизмите за ранно известяване за финансови проблеми в България



In order to achieve its objectives, the COMMERCIAL LAW DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION:                                                                                             

  • carries out research and analytical activities in the field of commercial law and on multidisciplinary topics;
  • supports initiatives to develop the scientific potential of young lawyers;
  • prepares analyses, concepts and expert opinions on issues of relevance to legal theory and practice;
  • prepares publications of a scientific and applied nature and maintains information resources;
  • conducts seminars, conferences, forums and other activities for the exchange of scientific ideas and for the training of members of the legal professions;
  • implement projects in the field of administration of justice, science and innovation;
  • participate in public discussions on legislation and maintain dialogue with public institutions and NGOs with similar objectives.


If you consider our goals important and meaningful, support us with a donation or by joining our initiatives.
The Foundation for the Advancement of Commercial Law does not distribute profits. Income from donations is used solely to further the Foundation's goals.